Attracted to the world of fashion, advertising and photography, more than 6 years ago, I discovered my vocation as a make-up artist, something to which I apply my full enthusiasm and perseverance. Make-up, in particular, gives me the opportunity to share this energy with others, motivating and inspiring them to change the way they look and, therefore, the way they feel.

I love creating radiant skin and combining my own creativity with current fashion trends. In addition to being a professional make-up artist, I am also knowledgeable about hairstyling and love working as part of a team.

I am easy-going and social person. My empathy and communication skills, both oral and written, complement perfectly my other professional skills.

My motto is always preserve the naturalness and the freshness of the style. While creating a make-up I never change faces, just mark nice features and highlight the real beauty and individuality.

Well-experienced in different areas, I’ve been working in MAC Cosmetics and Sephora, television, fashion shows, foto- and video production. I use to collaborate with photographers, model agencies, stylists, designers and fashion magazines. Now I’m focusing on beauty, fashion, editorials, campaigns and advertising.

My make-up is featured in such magazines as: Chapelle, BCN Events, Soltice, Vulkan, Fashion Shift, Yucca, Pump, Promo, Actuality etc.

I worked for the following fashion, jewelry and cosmetics brands: Biovene, J.Roca, Antonia Serena Atelier, Valeria Osma, Chiffon Atelier, Confeccio, Pale Swimwear, Macosch, LOV, Tina Valerdi, Pollardi Fashion Group, Sport Angel, Natalina Tofan, Nika Medisan, Murau, Miss Bella, Tigha.

Based in Barcelona, but available for booking in the whole world. I speak English, Spanish and Russian.